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Hello 404 Daily Crypto community,

We recently hosted our 1st AMA with AceD, on 27th of March, at 02:00 PM (21:00 WIB), with our guest from AceD team:

  • MaGe, AceD Founder

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto team

Ok, Before I start the first session can you introduce yourself to our community?

Sure, I am the sole founder of $ACED, project lead. Currently reside in Canada, I have a strong background in software engineering and business marketing. I have been involved in the crypto space since 2014 as an Investor, and an advisor to a few Masternode projects. I am a true team player and love to build long-term business relations with similar mindsets.

Q1. Can you introduce what is and how does works? is a full-scaled pure crypto sportsbook. We offer Live sports betting from worldwide events, this includes international sports as well. Users can place bets with cryptocurrency, instant deposits, and fast cashouts. We also have a full live casino, partnered with some of the biggest providers such as evolution gaming and pragmatic. Our platform never asks for KYC users can register with one email, and start playing. There are perks and incentives in place for users placing bets with our native token $ACED The platform will also host AceDPoker which is currently in the development phase we will be sharing sneak peeks soon.

We also have 24/7 live chat and ticketing support. User experience is one of our key point indicators and we take pride in providing the best experience possible always collecting feedback.

Q2. Can you share the strengths of AceD that make AceD stand out?

AceD has been in the crypto space since 2018. We had a successful launch in June of 2018 as a masternode project (Dash-Pivx fork. One of our main strengths is our massive support from community members that have stuck with us for years, I strongly believe trust is earned and not given. Being able to trust $ACED team is the number 1 factor for any investor to get involved.

When it comes to development, we have one of the most active teams in the crypto space, our team consists of 6 full-time developers and 4 support members, we are actively engaged with our community, and all questions, concerns are answered in a timely manner. Our vision goes beyond gambling we have a wide array of products being added to our entertainment HUB.

AceD is built to attract mass adoption, and with recent growth on BSC chain and steady growth of users to our platform we are well on our way to becoming one of the most popular crypto projects.

Q3. How does intend to increase the value, utility, and liquidity of $AceD token? This producing a natural increase in price of the token?

We have several programs in place to promote our native token on the platform. First off, we have one of the best offers when it comes to sports betting, Users wagering with $ACED receive an instant cashback of 3 % on their losses which are released without any lock to their account. We have a staking vault, where users can stake their AceD for rewards, 3 pools to choose from.

There is also a deflationary component that reduces the supply whenever a user unstake before the 14 day lockup period 3 % of the unstake balance is sent to a burn address reducing the circulating supply, which will eventually have a positive effect on price. We also have a divs program where users in Sapphire and Diamond pools receive profit-sharing in BTC weekly. With the addition of new products such as poker adoption of our token will increase and we expect the price to follow.

Q4. Does the Team have a roadmap in place? And if so has everything been going according to the RoadMap?

Yes, there is a roadmap available on So far we have exceeded our roadmap, keep in mind we already had a working product in place prior to the BSC migration, it was self-funded by myself and private investors, this is a key point as new investors can invest in a project with a working product which is past its speculation stage.

Many projects in crypto speculate and make promises ultimately that’s like investing in vaporware, aced has already delivered and continues to thrive and introduce new exciting programs and products to our hub.

Next up on the roadmap is our affiliates dashboard, this gives marketers an opportunity to earn commissions by referring members to acedbets, this will bring aced lots of visibility as we expect banner ads and shills to be placed on all top crypto sites. After that, we have AceD poker beta phase releasing.

Q5. Can you tell us what’s the role that community plays in, and how do you plan on developing it?

Our community plays a vital role in ensuring that acedbets is a
success. AceD is an entertainment hub, interaction engagement with other users is key and we will be introducing a ranking system and user chat with tipping ability to our platform. This will increase traffic, as there will be contests and leaderboard promotions held to make things more exciting. Affiliates marketing is where the community can contribute by marketing our product and the incentive is commissions paid from referrals.

Q6. Security is a big issue nowadays in DeFi , Has the code been audited? If not is there plans in place for an audit in the future?

Normally in DeFi place contracts are audited because of concepts such as farming and liquidity mining which are high risk. Our contract is already source-verified and because we don't have any farming contracts in place, the audit was not submitted. However rest assured, we will be submitting an audit to Certik to give everyone peace of mind. We have also had our close peers and top blockchain developers audit the contract (without report) and there has been 0 downfall or issues spotted.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to AceD team

Q1 from Telegram username @Tony253210

I have understood that the mission of AceD is protect liquidity providers returns through your Innovate AceD LPP program, so can you tell us how do you protect this user exactly?

Liquidity providers take a risk by providing liquidity due to impermanent loss our program to reward them daily will help with it.

Q2 from Telegram username @Alika061

What are the digital assets needed to stake in AceD and what minimum digital assets are required for staking?

There are 3 Pools, Bronze Silver and Gold
- 50K Bronze
- 150K Silver
- 250K Gold.
For $AceD minimum requirement for staking check:

Q3 from Telegram username @queencryptogirl

What about support AceD? Is there live support? Helpdesk?

Yes, there is a live chat and a full ticketing system on

Q4 from Telegram username @Manugotsuka

AceD has its own Betting platform, where users can bet with casino games or sports, so how many games/sports do you offer currently?

Thousands of weekly sporting events top leagues and even smaller leagues, hundreds of slot games, and live dealer games. Poker is coming soon!

Q5 from Telegram username @PabloEmilioEscobarGaviriaMexico

Is there a product that AceD has, but does not have in other projects?

AceD is the first project ever to allow native token use on evolution gaming casinos, thanks to our internal conversion tool which lets you play with $ACED while others play in BTC.

Q6 from Telegram username @Michaeng124

Is there any plan to better connect with the community? Just like the social media type system, where can people share ideas and suggestions? Because we know the power of the community to easily create famous projects?

You can check our Twitter activity we try our best to connect with the community we also have a very large community on the discord server besides telegram. Global channels on telegram have recently been opened such as AceD India, AceD Brazil, China, and Turkey.

Q7 from Telegram username @Kelvin351

There are 3 core issues prevalent in crypto and blockchain:
Security, Interoperability, and Scalability. so how does your project plan to overcome these issues?

AceD main focus is working on product and use cases, our chain issues are all handled by BSC as we are a token on their chain this allows us to focus on product use case marketing instead of chain issues.

Q8 from Telegram username @Richard_WBE

What are the major milestones AceD have achieved so far?

  • AceDBets product launched,
  • Team expansion to 10 members,
  • Successful migration to BSC chain,
  • CEX listing,
  • Mini roadmap pinned in telegram,
  • Full roadmap on

Q9 from Telegram username @lahkoklu

Where can I see the $ACED token price, can you provide a link or a bot to see the $ACED token price, and can you provide a $ACED smart contract so I don’t get fooled?

There is a price bot in our channel by simply entering command /aced you can request price. We are also listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap all stats are updated:

Q10 from Telegram username @CC_James

Partnership is very important for project success. So, what type of partnership has been established AceD and what partnerships will there be in the future?

Recently we partnered with a top 200 marketcap project Parsiq, you can read about our service integration partnership with them. We will announce more partnerships in the coming days.

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto community

Always DYOR of course, AceD is a project with a great reputation trusted by many, the holder count is increasing, staked tokens (locked) also increasing, Take a look at our telegram channels, Twitter, and discord to get a feel of the project. Surely, it's an exciting time for $ACED and we hope that you consider adding aced to your portfolio in the near future.

Thank you everyone.



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