AMA Recap 404 Daily Crypto with Arise Finance

  • Nathan, Arise Finance core team
  • Alex, Marketing department

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto team

  • Farming with retirement vault: payout in BTC every week.
  • Trading chart tool on BSC (the first and only)
  • Dex aggregators offer the best rate for traders.
  • Farming with NFTs rewards & NFTs golden ticket for any token launch on our platform in the near future.
  • Our smart contract is now live & are ready for a private sale event that will be happening on 10/4.
  • After that, this year we will have a lot of exciting things in our roadmap
  • First, after finish the private sale on 10/4 and the public sale on 14/4, we will list ARI on Pancakeswap, Juldswap, and Coingecko & Coinmarketcap.
  • Then at the end of this month, we have big news which is revealed soon, and I’m sure with you that this event will be a game-changer for all investors & traders. That is our first crypto game using ARI token, which we will keep as a secret to the last minute for a bigger surprise from the community.
  • In April & May, we will launch Farm & Retirement Vault, which are 2 very promising features in our ecosystem.
  • By late May, we will release the BSC Chart tool & NFT farming.
  • In June, we will launch the BSC DEX tool & DEFI aggregation.
  • 40% is allocated for presale
  • 25% for marketing partnership and development
  • 10% for liquidity listing
  • 12.5% for vault and liquidity fund
  • 7.5% for lottery and airdrop
  • 5% for the core team (will unlock only 0.5 of total supply at the beginning. The rest 4.5% will be unlocked after 2 years).
  • Real-time chart view on BSC, which no project on the market has been able to pull off, and we as a team, have successfully researched and already working on it. We have signed a contract with Tradingview & connect BSC system for access to their API.
  • NFTs farming, we have partnered with a few big artists community & designed unique utilities for NFTs owners (marketplace to trade NFTs, exclusive access to early presale on our Launchpad).
  1. Minimize the slippage rate.
  2. Automatically calculate the most appropriate rate for Whales & small investors while trading on ARI DEX.
  3. Cross-chain protocol integration with privacy blockchain on the top of the priority list, to offer an exclusive feature, which also happens to be one the biggest problems on Blockchain right now.
  4. And the last one is Farming with a retirement vault: pay out in BTC every week.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to Arise Finance team

  • We offer a high enough APY to attract new investors, however, the reason the value of $ARI token will not be much affected is that rewards will come from Farming & Vault funds. The $ARI rewards release is carefully calculated to balance between inflow & outflow of cash flow.
  • The main reason for a price drop from other farming projects is because they mint tokens continuously, while Arise does not have such a mechanism. Instead, we have a fixed supply of ARI and their supply will only go down.
  • The quantity of $ARI rewards is fixed at 12.5% total supply in the very beginning. Therefore, in the future, the value of $ARI token only go up because we have both fixed rewards, fixed supply.
  • We believe that we have an excellent marketing team & partners to push our project further & faster right after we launch. Imagine that when our community grows, fix rewards only limited, supply only goes down, so ARI token price will have a high chance to go up.
  • Liquidity for ARI tokens will be locked on Pancake Swap for at least 1 year.
  • Our vesting schedule has a 2-year length, 1 year longer compared to the average length of other projects on the market, which would be enough to keep the value of $ARI from being inflated (Supported by the 2% burn mechanism).
  • We build real products and already finished 2 of them (game & farming), which will be released soon this month.
  • The core team only has 5% of the total supply and will unlock only 10% of them at the beginning. The rest will be unlocked after 2 years.
  • We are currently working with credible audit partners on the market like Quill Hash to ensure your funds’ safety.

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

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