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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 11th of November 2021, at 13:00 PM UTC (20:00 WIB). We just successfully hosted our 73st AMA with CryptoArt. With our guest from the CryptoArt team:

  • Freya Fu, CMO-CryptoArt.Ai

Many of you might have participated or many of you not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

Can you please introduce yourself and CryptoArt.Ai in general?

This is Freya who is CryptoArt.Ai CMO and you can follow my Twitter if you have more questions want to ask me after this AMA

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) seem to have exploded recently. From the perspective of CryptoArt.Ai, why can NFT develop so fast in various fields?

CryptoArt.Ai is the largest decentralized NFT marketplace in Asia, including NFT creation, sell, auctions, collect, and transfer.

CryptoArt.Ai has strict standards for potential artists: artists submit the application to the council and only verified original author can list NFT artworks. In the future, CryptoArt.Ai will be featuring music, movies, photography, and so on, along with bidding rewards, Defi+NFT,collaborations, Dao, and other innovative modules.

CryptoArt.Ai relies on global artists and collectors to accelerate the growth of NFT market. Base on current artists’ count, auction closing rate, and total sales, CryptoArt.Ai is ranked #1 in Asia since launched in Oct. 2020.

NFTs are igniting a digital art explosion, it has become one of the most popular subdivisions in the entire cryptocurrency world. The performance of NFT encrypted art market indicates that it is about to rapidly growth in a short time.

NFT has many advantages, such as artists can monetize their digital art; create verifiable game items while playing games; create a new digital collection ecology; and turn real-world assets into tokens to enhance their mobility. Thanks to the easy transferability and proof of ownership, NFT NFT undoubtedly provided a wide range of possibilities for real world and virtual assets.

The fusion of blockchain technology and art has demonstrated a clear vitality and scope for growth from the viewpoint of the sub-field of crypto art alone. In conventional physical art, a parallel universe has been added. There are actually many artists from several influential countries in the outside world who joined the CryptoArt.Ai.

NFT not only disintermediate art sales, it solves the contradiction between the diffusion and possession of art, but can also communicate between artists and buyers in a way that conforms significantly to young people’s psychology and also preserves artists’ copyrights. Second, equity is better suited than tangible artworks to reproduction, dissemination, and circulation.

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Director and artist from Marvels “Future War”, and Huawei have boarded on CryptoArt.Ai. Do you think it will drive a large number of users outside of cryptocurrency?

There are many well-known artists boarding on the CryptoArt.Ai platform, including PAK, the second most valuable crypto artist in the world

IHSU YOON, an artist & director with a background in architecture, is particularly eye-catching. He has not only created classic works for major brands such as Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, and Samsung, but also for film companies such as Warner and Disney. His works are featured at festivals, such as SIGGRAPH and Onedotzero.

CrypoArt.AI could make the artist’s artistic achievements more tangible and valuable, because the uniqueness, rarity and originality of art can be easily confirmed.

The presence of such well-known artists on NFT platform is of great value in attracting the attention of users outside of cryptocurrency, but in fact, I think it may not be as significant as people may imagined for the development of the NFT market.

Because there is threshold for art collection and it is still a niche market. Moreover, the vast majority of NFT investments and transactions require cryptocurrency as medium. 、

This is how we do with traditional art industry and corporate with auction company

We will will insert VISA and Mastercard payment on our platform next year, so no matter people have crypto or fiat they both can buy NFT on our playform

Has PAK worked with you for a long time?👀

yes of course

Does it include PayPal and Amazon?

Paypal will accept next year.

We putting PAK and jessie J together to creat NFT art work and sold on CryptoArt.AI

What is Cryptoart.Ai mission to accomplish? What is the intention of establishing Cryptoart.Ai?

“Art evolves with time” is the slogan of CryptoArt.Ai. Our mission is to empower art through blockchain technology, solve the lack of digital art dilemma, explore the possibility that contemporary art can connect with digital media, and join the emerging international movement of conceptual blockchain art.

The primal aim was to create a modern, equal rights universe for artists and collectors with a decentralized governance paradigm that enables talented artists to solve the pain points in the conventional art sector with blockchain technology in the first case.

The consideration they deserve can be seen by reverence and inferiority.

We want bring the new way for NFT marketplace to our users. People who love NFT can make money from our platform, this means not only artist can make money for sell NFT. Collectors also can make, money, event the people just like NFT and share the NFT link to their Twitter they also make money.

What are the unique advantages of CryptoArt.Ai compared with other platforms such as OpenSea, Treasureland? What is the strategy to attract users?

The unique advantages of CryptoArt.Ai can be summarized in the following three aspects: focusing on the field of art, combination innovation model of DeFi+NFT, and igniting the crypto market.

Compared with OpenSea and other platforms covering digital art, encrypted collectibles, game items, virtual land, domain names and other fan-absorbing fields, CryptoArt.Ai is more focused on the development of encrypted art itself and derivative businesses.

In the transactions on the CryptoArt.Ai platform, NFT can not only be used as copyright and ownership for transactions, but also a unique link between the artist and the collector. NFT is the main body of his work recognized by the artist.

CryptoArt.Ai innovatively combines DeFi (high liquidity) + NFT (high value capture) dual mechanisms to promote value circulation through liquid mining pools.

Based on the reliable equity attributes of NFT and its unique and indivisible characteristics, the program can be identified NFT confirms the user’s authority, and NFT can also become a token for the confirmation of the information world.

NFT collectibles have a complete, transparent, reliable, low-cost and high-efficiency secondary market. Thanks to the data openness of the blockchain and the programmable asset attributes of the token, users can conveniently trade and transfer NFTs on CryptoArt.Ai.

Collectibles can be auctioned at a very low cost, which helps the market to be active, and it is easier to realize the value discovery of collectibles in the active transaction flow.

For example, opeasea is like normal Amazon, and CryptoArt.AI like prime amazon.

I think everyone is particularly concerned about the performance of CryptoArt.Ai in recent times. Can you share us about the milestones of CryptoArt.Ai recently?

In October last year, the CryptoArt.Ai participated in the Jing’an International Big Data Forum. On October 30th, “CryptoArt.Ai Crypto Art Trading Platform” won the first prize of the Digital Economy Blockchain Special Competition of the Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge.

CryptoArt.Ai also actively participates in industry forums and summits, and organizes art exhibitions to bring high-quality works to more people who are interested in crypto art.

CryptoArt.Ai held the “A Realistic Shocking of the Virtual Authenticity” crypto art exhibition in Shanghai on May 31. This art exhibition is the first global NFT crypto art exhibition in Shanghai, which is one of the most academic NFT crypto art exhibitions in the world. The highlight of this exhibition is that not only it has a high degree of artistry and appreciation, but also a high-level academic summit forum with many well-known guests.

Here is our partners, and we already partners with THE SANDBOX. We will be metaverse hub in the future.

What do you want to build with THE SANDBOX. ?

we will have our gallery on THE SANDBOX

So our collectors and partners and put their NFT on our gallery

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Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to CryptoArt team

Q1. Twitter : @MartabakBonanza
What assurances beside being here can you share with us that makes this a safe investment ie. Audits, liquidity locked etc.?

Our smart contact already been audited bu SLOWMIST and you can but our token on GATE.IO

Q2. Twitter : @Big_onest
Can you give us a brief introduction of the economic model of your token? What kind of method is used to empower the token?

CART is the token of the CryptoArt.Ai platform, which has the dual attributes of platform currency + authority token. Users lock up CART, and obtain different levels of NFT encrypted artworks according to the weighted average of the market and quantity, and realize them through the free transfer of NFT.

CART will never be inflated. The user consumes CART and pushes the NFT artwork he holds to the trending page of DAPP, and CART realizes deflation. Part of the platform’s revenue is used to repurchase and destroy CART, further reducing the total amount of CART and gradually becoming a scarce resource.

The application scenarios of CART mainly include: 1) Partial repurchase of platform transaction commissions 2) Community DAO governance 3) DeFi+NFT products 4) Staking to obtain NFT 5) Payments to obtain top priority and other permissions

If you buy our token, you also can stake on to earn NFT

Q3. Twitter : @EOktino
What are your plans to onboard artists, — but also buyers to use your platform? Are there any reward programs in place to incentivise adoption?

YES of course our new product have SHARE TO EARN and BID to EARN

Artist also have chance to sell their artwork on auction company like Christie’s

Q4. Twitter : @MarkZubergec
Now that we have some background on the project, who is the team behind CryptoArt.Ai ? What kind of experience does the team have?

Q5.Twitter : @Jarodkuat1
In your opinion, what are changing and unchanging between crypto art and traditional art? For artworks, how do we choose artworks that are meaningful?

I think it will be big changing

Every single artworks that are meaningful

It will be grow bigger and bigger

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to CryptoArt team

From Telegram username @puntenPatrick

Hello @freyafufu 🌸 . I as a beginner in the crypto world would like to ask about your project, Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or only limited to professional users?

you can set up our playform first. it not only for professional users. CryptoArt.Ai open to all the users

From Telegram username @luckyboy0305

Does your project support staking program? if yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform? Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

YES OF COURSE, we do have token burning plan to increase token value.

From Telegram username @Tehokjambe

Is your project world famous? may i know which country your community is in?


From Telegram username @Michaeng124

We all know that so many NFT game projects are abandoned and only have hype in the beginning, so how do you plan to differentiate your project from all the competitors so as to make your project strong and advanced? And what do you consider your greatest strength?

our platform already go live more than 1 year

If you don’t want to miss anything,like free NFT and airdrop token you need follow us on discord

From Telegram username @Onlychil9

Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?Your project is very good, how did you do such a good project, will you increase the budgeting of the project?

we already listed on exchange and will list more exchange end of this month

From Telegram username @Dimondab

Many project takes name as a brand What is the meaning of your project name? why you choosed it?

our name very clear, we want to NFT art so we name Cryptoart

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

before we finish up today AMA, just want to remind you guys again for our Discord event

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