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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 9th of April, at 12:00 PM UTC (19:00 WIB). We just successfully hosted our 11th AMA with Dematrix. With our guest from the Dematrix team:

  • DematrixPlatform, Spokesperson Dematrix Community

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto team

Can you introduce yourself and your team please? We want get to know you and your team. What you did before crypto, and how you got into crypto?

I’m a spokesperson of the Dematrix community, our team is from Russia, it’s nice to meet you all

Q1. Can you introduce Dematrix to our community? and where did Dematrix come from?

Dematrix is a matrix of decentralized products based on digital encryption. The iterative construction of our smart contract enriches Dematrix’s new Defi function.

Any Unique Dematrix with Other project?

In the Dematrix 1.0 , we are a derivative revenue aggregation platform built on OKexChain. Our branded mining pool provides liquid mining returns for customers with multiple income preferences. The unique synthetic asset mining pool protocol has ideal freedom. Degree and the yield curve😃.

Im on it

Dematrix 2.0 will be a comprehensive platform that supports NFT asset initiation, exhibition exchange, auction, mining, lending and games. It deploys and integrates the flagship front-end of the blind box, mining pool, NFT20, NFTFi and decentralized auction market. The experimental NFT infrastructure strengthens the connection between digital assets, users and the real world. 😀

Any reason, you build Dematrix in Okexchain?


The core team of Dematrix is in Russia and is personally led by Dematrix CEO: Mr. Anton Romanov. Anton Romanov graduated from Moscow University of Communication and Information Technology with a major in applied mathematics, and then studied for a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Anton successively worked in Microsoft and Oracle Russia; he started his own business in recent years and founded the Universal Electronic Card (UEC) project to serve the digital transformation of the banking industry; in the blockchain field, he invested in a number of entrepreneurial projects and served as a core team member Participated in the operation of PaxosStandard and STREAM.

Dematrix CTO: Mr. William J. Turner has more than 10 years of professional experience in the game field. In the past 12 years, he has served as a solution architect and DevOps to design and manage various IT solutions, created a private CeFi system (mainly used for loan delivery), and mastered programming techniques in different languages to route network segments , Blockchain edge computing, 5G and other new technologies are full of enthusiasm. The blockchain field has experience in developing DeFi open finance and public chain ecology, and has rich experience in technical combat.

Q2. Can you share the strengths of Dematrix that make Dematrix stand out?

First, we choose a high-quality public transaction chain OKExChain.

It has high performance, complete decentralization, community-driven, openness, extreme compatibility, cross-platform, OKEx cross-chain gateway, support for spot & derivative transactions, and many other advantages and characteristics that distinguish it from other public chains. We believe that OKExChain will become the backbone of the industry's DeFi infrastructure innovation, and with the blessing of OKEx, OKExChain will soon lead DeFi. And we chose to enter the creation stage of the OKExChain mainnet launch, which also has a certain first-mover advantage.

Secondly, we have established a very complete product system for NFT and DeFi. Dematrix 1.0 integrates all the components of the OKT ecosystem: OKT front-end, Swap, NFT, LP, and pledge and other functions in one, providing users with a one-stop, freely combinable decentralized transaction service, bringing users OKT's most abundant pledge mining value capture.

Dematrix 2.0 is a comprehensive platform that supports NFT asset origination, exhibition, exchange, auction, mining, lending, and games. It deploys and integrates the flagship front end of the blind box, mining pool, NFT20, NFTFI, and decentralized auction market.

Dematrix has all the functions of the traditional NFT trading platform, and will focus on:

  1. Build a platform that can forge and trade NFT without being hindered by expensive miners' fees. Anyone can cast their own NFT and enter the market for sale at low or no cost;
  2. Cross-chain transactions are allowed, and users can conduct more convenient transactions with NFTs on other blockchains;
  3. Launch exclusive redeemable items online. Dematrix will also randomly airdrop some NFTs and redeemable items to DMX pledgers

Q3. I see that the Dematrix has its own token which is $DMX. will this $DMX token be registered later in CEX or DEX?

Yes, we will first launch the DEX on OKExChain for circulation, and plan to launch it on the OKEx exchange in the future.

DMX is the only ecological token of Dematrix. It is a digital token based on the ERC223 standard and compatible with the ERC20 standard.

Total issuance: 200 million pieces.

Mining output: DMX in the mining pool is used to encourage users to actively participate in the construction of the Dematrix platform and the foundation team’s choice of incentive measures. Users can obtain daily returns of DMX through daily investment, rewards and redemption. The DMX in the mining pool accounts for 88% of the total. They are locked by smart contracts and released linearly in time.

Panic buying plan: Dematrix has developed a 20 million DMX panic buying plan, which is expected to account for 10% of the total. It will be used to quickly open up new users, attract and motivate old users of the platform to increase platform activities and help Dematrix form a network effect improvement as soon as possible. The usage of DMX is 100% transparent, and the usage is regularly disclosed.

Community operation and airdrop: DMX allocated 4 million tokens for community operation and airdrop activities, accounting for 2% of the total. Dematrix will be used to standardize and strengthen the construction of the DMX community, the overall distribution, use and management of community funds, and establish a sound DMX monitoring mechanism, and ensure that the community building is fully functional.

Q4. How does Dematrix intend to increase the value, utility and liquidity of $DMX token. thus producing a natural increase in price of the token?

The value of DMX is that the Dematrix community and users can use MDX as fuel to synthesize NFT cards, and use the only currency token DMX to participate in the NFT market and auction market. In addition, holding DMX tokens is a necessary qualification to participate in Dematrix community governance and participate in important community proposals such as burning.

Burning will continue to increase the scarcity of DMX

Each burning means that DMX tokens from the mining pool, transaction fees, auction management fees and blind box sales are quantitatively destroyed.

We will first open the three major genesis mining pools for users with different strategic preferences and revenue requirements to mine. Due to the uniqueness of OKExChain, the low GAS fee and the high degree of freedom of agreement, to a certain extent, get rid of the shackles of handling fees. Dematrix will achieve More high-frequency liquidity mining.

Q5. Can you share the latest developments and further plans of Dematrix?

We will launch a Dematrix whitelist activity in the near future. Lucky members who get the whitelist can get the IDO quota for the airdrop.

In addition, with the launch of the OKChain mainnet, Dematrix will also launch the three major genesis mining pools as soon as possible .

Q6. Can you tell us what’s the role that community plays in Dematrix, and how do you plan on developing it?

The community is an important participating partner in the Dematrix ecosystem. Not only is it an early income earner of Dematrix mining pool, Dematrix’s NFT ecology will also be fully driven by the community. We will continue to invite crypto artists from all over the world to settle in, and everyone in the community will also have the opportunity to become crypto artists.

Community members holding DMX tokens will manage the Dematrix platform with a large voting weight of the proposal to promote the prosperity of the Dematrix NFT market.

Before Last session.
Can you share Social Media and Website Dematrix to our community?


Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to Dematrix team

Q1. From Telegram username @Michaeng124

How to buy $DMX ? What is your listing plan after the sale ? DEX or CEX....?

In our open DMX whitelist campaign, there will be a chance to get a DMX airdrop worth 150U, which will be issued before the OKChain mainnet goes live.

Q2. From Telegram username @Michaeng124

Can you tell us some of the features of the Dematrix?

Liquidity mining 、NFTFI、NFT Creating and auction

Q3. From Telegram username @nadee5

How is secuirity of Dematrix platform ensure?
Have smart contracts been audited?

Yes, our smart contract passed OKChain’s code audit

Q4. From Telegram username @oherzogr

What are the 3 core reasons we should use Dematrix products?

Liquidity mining benefits、NFT Swap benefits and NFT lending

Q5. From Telegram username @nadee5

Can I trade with Dematrix?

yes you can buy/sell DMX on KiSwap , and trade NFT ,

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