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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On 3rd July 2021, Erebus Project conducted an AMA in the 404 Daily Crypto. Our guest is Erebus Project Team.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Erebus Project progress. The Erebus Project team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included Project introduction, Questions from Twitter and a live AMA session with the 404 Daily Crypto community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Erebus Project.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

📍Session 1 » Project Introduction

before we go any further, please introduce yourself, your background and your roles within Erebus Project.

Jack | Erebus Project: Okay! I’m Jack from EREBUS PROJECT token, and I’m one the of the two main devs. We both are programmers for a lot years now and we are working on crypto for a while. Actually, this is our third project. We started to get know cryptocurrency about 10 years before, by starting mining Bitcoins, and we met each other in a blogspot about crypto. From that time, we knew that we have to make something big, especially for the community!

Can you give us a brief description about Erebus Project project and how you came up with the idea?

Jack | Erebus Project: The main reason of the development of this Ecosystem, is to annihilate the inaccuracy that usually exists in transactions (not only cryptocurrency involved ). According to the developer’s feedback, every item that is <<locked>> to a buyer, can not being stolen or lost from vicious activities, with the utilization and strength of various blockchain technologies. We actually thought the development of and <<e bay>> trading via crypto, which will give the artists a very good opportunity to make some good earnings.

What measures can you let our community know to give them confidence in the project?

Jack | Erebus Project: Well, some of our members are already doxxed on our website, and we will make a livestream before the presale launches. We will have 0% in our wallet, so there is no fear in sudden selling with the danger of destroying the market cap. After presale, we will make an Audit, in order people be more confortable here. A lot people already know us from our older projects ( for example FallingStar token, to which we will work on it very soon). If you already know our older projects, you will understand why we are totally legit.

What is so exciting about Erebus, which might make Erebus different from all other projects out there?

Jack | Erebus Project: Claim free Erebus every week, for ever. The EREBUS PROJECT Token team, donated part of their own Erebus tokens to kick-start Erebus faucet. The Erebus faucet will be locked and only the frictionless rewards it generates can be claimed. Anyone can claim the rewards. Every time the rewards are claimed on a first-come, first-served method, the claimable amount resets to zero. Each wallet can claim from the Erebus Faucet a maximum of once per 168 hours. You do not need to be a EREBUS holder to claim from the EREBUSfaucet.

All project coins have their main Utilities & real-life use case! So, Can you tell us what are the main role of $EREBUS coin in your ecosystem? Explain its Utilities & Real-Life use cases?

Jack | Erebus Project: Erebus Project is a new and unique opportunity for improvement and giving a totally different way at the everyday marketing, especially at NFT and BSC network. To achieve this, the developing team of Erebus Project, will create an asset provenance platform, where everyone can find their desirable product, and buy/exchange it, in a genuine and safe way, through cryptocurrencies. People will be able to buy/sell everything with cryptocurrency. For example, I could sell my used phone or my painting for 5 BNBs, easy and comfi.

Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How Erebus is progressing so far? And what Erebus is currently focused on?

Jack | Erebus Project: The first main step of our Roadmap, the launch of our presale, which will happen when we reach 600 members. After this, we will make an Audit by Certik. Although, we have already being listed in CoinSniper, CoinVote etc. and we will soon be listed on Coinhunt. We are doing everyday steps in order to get closer and closer to our main goal. I’m sure you guys are tired too of scams/rugs!

Our White Paper is available at:

📍Session 2 » Question from Twitter

— Question from Twitter @DavidClarkkk
Right now , the market is adjusting sharply, the risks are very high but also a great opportunity for development projects. What are the characteristics of your project, and how is your development strategy to be able to compete and rise to the top among other projects.

Jack | Erebus Project: Well, our idea is unique, it doesn’t exists by anyone yet. We hear everyday about new scam projects and rugs, and we think we are already separated from these ones. As I said before, people can see the transparency of our older projects. If we achieve with you guys, the first step, which is the presale, then the success road leads to us!

— Question from Twitter @Sareekiii
How do you plan to compete with other similar projects and what makes #TokenErebus unique? Do you have any plans in consideration of burning of tokens to increase attraction?

Jack | Erebus Project: Actually, we haven’t of something similar to our project! Every project we do, is a new and unique idea. Our moves are made with transparency and we think this is the most important think to do. You know, if people feel safe in our project, then everything else is coming in second place. We decided to do auto-burn mechanism, in order to have 1% of transaction tokens, burned.

— Question from Twitter @Martines2222
As an investor, the recent upsurge in rug pulls & other scam related activities has seriously lowered my confidence of investing because i don’t wanna loose my hard earned money. How do you intend to restore confidence level of investors? How can we trust you?

Jack | Erebus Project: The first think that we are going to do after the presale, is to make an Audit. By this time, everything will be totally in trust and safe! Considering the worries of the investors, we will make a livesteam at the same time with the launch of the presale, so all our members will be doxxed and talk to you guys.

— Question from Twitter @DavidClarkkk
What is your team doing in marketing and business development? Token listing, Network development, community building, collaborations, etc. What will be your priorities for 2021 in the fields?

Jack | Erebus Project: We have already been listed in CoinSniper and other platforms, soon we will be listed in Coinhunt. Also, we have made about 12 CMS posts until now, and we are going to more very soon, and we are in discussion with very popular Twitter promoters!

As we follow our roadmap we can see the existing steps:
• Presale will take place (2021Q2)
• Smart Contract Security/Audit by Certik (2021Q3)
• First pool creation (2021Q4)
•1000 Validator Created (2021Q5)
• Application for NFTs in our platform (2021Q6)
• Wallet creation (2021Q7)
• Platform will be released (2021Q8)
• Looking for partnerships (2021Q9)

— Question from Twitter @Sareekiii
What are your marketing strategies and how do you plan on implementing global adoption? How do you intend on getting more users, community and investments from all parts of the world including non-English speakers and communities?any ambassador or refereal program?

Jack | Erebus Project: That’s a very interesting one! Well, we have already turn to Reddit CMS posts, and being listed in a lot platforms. We are in discussion with very famous Twitter promoters and after presale, will be a lot more. Also, we closed a multi-languaged Discord admin, in order to contact with people from all over the world! One of our last steps, will be to legalize the copyrights of our idea, so it is secure and unique.

📍 Session 3 » Community Questions (Live AMA)

— Telegram User @rohan_679
Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? And how?

Jack | Erebus Project: We are open to invite new members in our team, as long as we find someone that knows how to work in a team with big dreams, and knows how to contact without rudeness and bad vibes.

— Telegram User @Dlilah8
COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Jack | Erebus Project: Personally, I believe that crypto became more popular through pandemic period. For us, it just gave us time to think well and develop our projects. We are going to stick to the plan.

— Telegram User @Pudina7273
Right now where can I get your token are you listed on any centralized exchange or any exchange like pancakeswap?

Jack | Erebus Project: Our token is not launched yet. The PRESALE will start when we reach 600 members. After that, you will be able to trade via PancakeSwap.

— Telegram User @Katthyy
Would you mind telling us more about your products and its features?Currently What new plans do you have in the near future, can we post them here beforehand?

Jack | Erebus Project: Well, you can find our plan on our Roadmap, which is easily accessible at our White Paper. There are a lot info about the EREBUS faucet etc. After the Presale, Audit is on the way!

— Telegram User @Rokstar001
Many hardware projects have failed in the past…you what makes different, what positions you well for success?

Jack | Erebus Project: We believe that people will love our projects and believe in it! With a successful presale, it is probably will be very huge! Just patient guys,

thank you for answer question from our community. before we close the AMA, maybe you want to say something to our community

Jack | Erebus Project: Of course! Everyone is tired of rug/scam projects these days, but let’s face it guys, it is easy to understand which one is worth. We have vison and dreams. You can see FallingStar token and EyeOnTheSky token. These are some of our older projects, that we will be able to develop after this one. EREBUS PROJECTS IS ON THE WAY!

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