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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On 26th April 2021, MoonStar conducted an AMA in the 404 Daily Crypto. Our guest is MoonStar Team.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about MoonStar progress. The MoonStar team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included Project introduction, Questions from Twitter and a live AMA session with the 404 Daily Crypto community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into MoonStar.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

📍Session 1 » Project Introduction

Can you introduce yourself and your team please? We want get to know you and your team. What you did before crypto, and how you got into crypto?

aaagod | MoonStar team: For myself, I have been into crypto a while now, more from the technical side. I studied and finished computer science and decided to use that knowledge in the crypto world. It is very apparent that crypto is beginning to dominate the finance world, and the decentralized aspect of it is what makes it so powerful, and this drew me in.

K-hole | MoonStar team: I got into Crypto as a trader, and stayed for the usecase/purpose of a decentralized financial system. I have been drawn into the Binance Smart Chain this year, been hunting gems for some time , getting rugged most of the time, until I found MoonStar, and decided to fully dedicate my time to it. Before crypto I was an University student, studying Computer Science.

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: Hey all, I’m Sean Collar, currently residing in Orlando, FL. I’m 19 years old. I’ve been involved in the crypto community, starting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and then Cardano since 2016. I was very young, yes.

In 2020, following my graduation of High School, I opted towards the entrepreneurial route and started an NFT tech startup which was recently funded by a Private Investment group based in San Francisco.

Before the tech startup, I started a Talent Management Agency based in Los Angeles, with an emphasis on TikTok. This venture gave me lots of experience in social media management, growth, communication. Also, got to know lots of cool people. Moonstar has been a super fun project so far and I’m so excited to see where this goes.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: So, my name is Ricardo Martins. I’m from Portugal. I am 32 years old. I have a Economics degree. Currently working as Sales Analyst on a Cosmetic company with representation all around Portugal. I got into crypto 1.5years from now. But just started to do real investments since february this year.

When I found Moonstar I was extremly happy with the effort of the team and the community itself. Since the first day I found the Moonstar have a enormous potential and that’s why I joined the team and since them we’ve grown so much. Very good things comming for Moonstar.

Can you briefly describe what is Moonstar? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

aaagod | MoonStar team: As far as Moonstar goes in terms of Tokenomics it is modeled after Safemoon. This is because these tokenomics are extremely powerful. It adds price stability and is overall a very useful tool to increase holder stability. As far as what Moonstar is, well we are a community, and that is our biggest advantage, the people inside it. Of course we have a lot in development, but that will probably be discussed later :)

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: Adding to that, the Moonstar Team is very focused on innovation. Being different. Our first sign of differentiation from other BSC projects was our transparency and interaction with the community from the start.

K-hole | MoonStar team: I agree, transparency and interaction with the community are a key aspect of MoonStar, as stated in our website we are community driven.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: Exactly. Our transparency and interaction with the community has been like no other we see in other projects. And this community behind Moonstar as been SUPER helpfull and believe in this project and wants to see it grow.

How was the idea to create this project born? It is very interesting. What do you want to achieve? What are your expectations?

aaagod | MoonStar team: The idea? As Sean already stated we were trying to differentiate ourselves from other coins. Extending on that, we saw this as an important opportunity to do something truly different than what is being done. Most of these trendy coins stop at marketing. The development of our NFT shop will be the first real use-case for Moonstar, and that is something we hope to achieve very soon. We expect to continue releasing more use-cases and become one of the largest crypto-currencies in DeFi.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: The expectations for this project are very high. Why? Because people see Moonstar different from the other projects. And besides the way our contract was build, it reassures people that this is a safe and viable project. Addind to that we also have our team transparency and engage with the community.

K-hole | MoonStar team: Since the stealth launch, we had noticed that we had many talented members, artists, designers and music producers in our community, The NFT marketplace aligned perfectly with this, we wanted our community members to be able to express themselves by minting their creations as NFTs in the blockchain.

The NFT markeplace will also bring many opportunities, such as sponsorships and partnerships with other brands/projects/influencers. On the tokenomics side, it will bring further deflation, as every NFT minted will remove MOONSTAR tokens from circulation.

Can you give an overview of MoonStar Token tokenomics? Will the design of the token rise and fall with the success of the platform,does it include any scarce paths,such as equity, storage or burning?

aaagod | MoonStar team: The tokenomics as already stated are modeled after Safemoon. This means we have a 5% redistribution fee to all holders, as well as a 5% liquidity burn, adding to the liquidity pool. This occurs with each transcation, making it harder for people to buy and sell quickly for fast gains. We are looking for long term holders to ensure the future of Moonstar.

We definitely expect the value of Moonstar to increase with the success of our platform. As more people realize that Moonstar is a token worth having this should increase demand, thus increasing the value of the token. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by scarce paths, but we do have an additional deflationary mechanism as K-Hole mentioned, with the NFT shop providing a way for people to utilize Moonstar and in effect burning tokens that will be used to pay for it.

Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Moonstar has achieved so far ? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for MoonStar?

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: As far as future plans for 2021, we are currently in the final stages of developing a long term, innovative, industry-changing use case that will bring the masses to Moonstar. We are focusing on making the number of transactions as high as possible, to put more interest in the holders pockets.

aaagod | MoonStar team: Of course, this is one of the things we are mainly proud of. We went heavy on marketing at the start, reaching out to as many people we could. We have collaborated with HUGE tiktokers, millions of followers. We have had multiple collaborations with finance youtubers, further increasing our exposure.

So marketing has been on point. The other side of it, development, has been our focus as of late to build a future with Moonstar. We have had a total of 4 Websites (each upgrading upon the last), in a timespan of only 3 weeks. We really wanted our image to be represented accordingly so we changed the website until it suited our needs. We have grown our team to over 20 hardworking people. And a little bit of a sneakpeak would be that we are talking with a CEX to get listed soon :)

What is the plan MoonStar to ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges to fill market orders, especially as adoption increases and clients begin multiplying year-over-year ?

aaagod | MoonStar team: There are solutions to solving any liquidity problems to ensure that they can be listed on a CEX. We are currently talking with a CEX and have had no problem with the liquidity. Generally speaking there shouldn’t ever be a problem with liquidity, since the price increases based on the ratio of sold tokens to available.

📍Session 2 » Question from Twitter

— Question from Twitter @Benjami129
As a community Member, How can I help in Project’s Growth? What role does community can play in your projects ecosystem?

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: Community is number 1. While our team is workin and making things happen behind the scenes, we need our community to stick with us. The best thing you can do as a member of the community is encourage others within the community to remain positive, post about moonstar, and become a leader within the community as well.

K-hole | MoonStar team: Community is key.Being positive, helpful and welcoming to new members will go a long way. We also actively read and listen to any suggestions coming from the community, so if you have any suggestions you can list them on our discord chat in the #suggestion channel

aaagod | MoonStar team: Also spreading the word on Reddit, Twitter, and any other social media helps more than you can imagine. It’s all about spreading the word and sticking together.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: One thing this community has been amazing on is talking with friends about Moonstar. Why? Because it’s one project that enthusiam people. Like it enthusiasm me. And the other thing that it can be done is: engaging with the rest o the community by paticipate in the giveaways, in the decisions of the Team, in AMA’s, etc.

And third and last thing: this community it’s SUPER helfpul. Not like others that dismiss when some asks “How do I buy?”. No. Moonsters help other future Moonsters step by step. And this spirit of helping a strange person, just because we are in Moonstar together….is beautiful.

— Question from Twitter @KGFvip707523
At the moment , where you are focusing right now ? building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships ? Could you share it?

aaagod | MoonStar team: Definitely we are focusing mainly on developing products. The NFT shop is really exciting, and is definitely our next biggest thing. We are constantly marketing on the side, on TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube of course. We see that the most value will come from our development though, and that is why we focus our efforts on it.

K-hole | MoonStar team: We recently had a lot of progress in team building, we expanding it and getting it more organized every day. We have multiple sectors, one for product development, one for marketing, and community, we are moving on all fronts, focusing on both product development and marketing/community.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: Exactly. We have very talented people “atacking” on every front. But for sure that the future of Moonstar is in building and developing our product.

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: lots of organization going on. Marketing push in next couple days.

— Question from Twitter @Braven990
How old is this project and what are your long term goals?

aaagod | MoonStar team: The project is 3 weeks old, our long terms goals are to become a reputable currency that is known all over the DeFi world. We plan to keep on releasing new developments and adapting to the demand of the market so that we can maximize our investor satisfaction.

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: A little over 3 weeks old, and we are already focusing heavily on our long term goals. We know we will accomplish what we put our minds/skills to, which is becoming a worldwide-known cryptocurrency, and the #1 Deflationary crypto, yes, above Safemoon.

— Question from Twitter @Zafiyakhan2
Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally
In what order?

aaagod | MoonStar team: Obviously they are all super important. I would have to say we really value community trust, as without the community we are nothing. After that we focus on empowering the platform development since that is where our value will ultimately dominate. Finally, partnerships are an essential point that will help build reputability for us. A result of all of this is the increase in the token price and value. Thus to shorten this all, the order would be.

  1. Building trust.
  2. Empowering platform development.
  3. Expanding partnerships.
  4. As a result of all of this we would see an increase in the value, and thus price :)

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: 100% agree. I was going to say exactly what @aaagodd said :)

— Question from Twitter @Afran145
During the build of your project, do you take into account any of the community feedbacks or demands to further expand the new ideas for the proyect?

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: All the time. I have been regularly chatting with members of the community, taking their suggestions, and seeing how we can best implement them if they fit our end goal.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: Yes. 100% yes. We allways take the community’s opinion into consideration. That’s why we value our community and without them we would be nothing.

aaagod | MoonStar team: Precisely, we always take the input of the community on things that they can influence. So much of Moonstar is FROM the community. They make us who we are, and thus we value their opinion with the respect that they deserve.

📍 Session 3 » Community Questions (Live AMA)

— Telegram User @Sejeebahamed
Is your project a Global project ? Is any of the local communities restricted from contributing to the project ?

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team :Yes. It is a gobal project. Our team is scatered all round the worl. We have people from Australia, all around Europe to America. To the second part: no there are no limitations for local communities. We have 12 different languages groups. Fun Fact: the frend group is translating this AMA Live.

— Telegram User @cob_ba_ba
Do you also provide a platform for STAKING or Farming? To increase profit for token holders?

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: Yes. Take a closer look here:

— Telegram User @amybroww
Many projects are just clones of existing ones, and an analogue of an existing one is created. Do you have different and creative qualities from those who look like you?

aaagod | MoonStar team: Yes! I’ll emphasize again that we are one of the FEW coins that will have an NFT shop available where you can spend Moonstar. And it’s not something thaat will be released in a year’s time. We are releasing that within 1 week max. This will provide us with 3 things:

  1. A deflationary mechanism since Moonstar will be used and burned to buy the NFTs.
  2. A platform for people to buy and sell custom NFTs.
  3. A use-case for Moonstar to increase the holders of moonstar and thus the value.

— Telegram User @ekohadisaputro2002
$MoonStar is a project that requires support from all types of communities, so does your team have plans to differentiate between multilingual local communities in the future?

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: No in the Future. We have it RIGHT NOW! We have 12 differnt multilingual groups:

🇺🇸🇬🇧 English —

FR // MOONSTAR Official Group:
DE // MOONSTAR Official Group:
IT // MOONSTAR Official Group:
ES // MOONSTAR Official Group:
NL // MOONSTAR Official Group:
PT/BR // MOONSTAR Official Group:
TR // MOONSTAR Official Group:
IR // MOONSTAR Official Group:
IN // MOONSTAR Official Group:
AR // MOONSTAR Official Group:

We also have “How to buy” tutorials in all this languages.

We also have these same groups on our Discord.
ID/MY // MOONSTAR Official Group:

— Telegram User @Douglez
is the security guaranteed by moonstar? What are your security methods, to ensure trust in your customers?

K-hole | MoonStar team: Contract ownership is renounced and we have been audited. content/uploads/2021/04/MoonStar-Audit.pdf

— Telegram User @Demvrick
sinceraly it will be possibile to reach the ath again?Because for me the fomo is in down trend..

Sean Collar | MoonStar team: With ease. We are attracting new holders every day and we havent even began our second marketing push.

— Telegram User @Demvrick
when u invest on crypto u need to be prepar for long term invest, more if is a new project… for trading is better the big cryptos

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: Agree. It deppends on how much each one of us have to invest. Because the investment can be VERY profitable, but you can also lose it. It’s just a matter of avaluating the project itself and see how much it grow, the team behind it, the community and many other aspects relevant for the project.

— Telegram User @Fedricho_Rota
Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project??

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: Yes. From time to time we do some polls to ask the community opinion on certain matters like image, design, campagins, etc.

Thank you for answering questions from our community. Before the end of the AMA, maybe you want to say something to our community?

K-hole | MoonStar team: I would like to thank the community for having trust in us, I want to give a special shoutout to the MoonStar Marines, you guy have been doing an amazing job these days, we notice your efforts!

aaagod | MoonStar team: I would add one last thing. There have been some concerns around Safemoon the past few days. Although we are similiar in terms of tokenomics there is one very important difference with us.
We have, renounced ownership. Safemoon does not. We are not trying to say anything about Safemoon, just that we do not have the possibility to do many of the things that Safemoon can do that risk investors money.

1.Safemoon can control investor liquidity, we cannot.
2. Safemoon can change contract variables, we cannot.
This is because we have renounced ownership, which you can verify by going to the bscscan page and checking the owner.
So just to make people feel secure, we are much safer than Safemoon. I don’t think Safemoon will abuse their power, but with us this isn’t even a question since we do not have that power.

Ricardo Martins | MoonStar team: I would also like the thank The MOONSTAR Marines, this community and to Moonstar community for all the support, and of course, our EXTREMELY effort team.

aaagod | MoonStar team: Appreciate it, the pleasure is ours. Thanks for an amazing AMA, and I would especially thank the people that joined us today and spent time to listen to us!

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