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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On 3rd of April, at 02:00 PM UTC (21:00 WIB). we just successfully hosted our 6th AMA with Raifeido DAO, with our guest from Raifeido DAO team:

  • Daan Seem Ruben, Founder Raifeido DAO

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

can you introduce yourself to our community?

I am Daań Ruben and I am from Costa Rica first got introduced to crypto by research and then I bought my first bitcoin way back in 2013, I was trying to manage my risks at that time, I made good income from crypto so I started basic trading expanding my crypto knowledge.

I got into the advisory team of couple of projects way back and we have seen those project perform positively with few been amongst top 100 coins on coinmarketcap. I then got really fascinated by it and started doing what everyone else does by getting into more in-depth research so as how to solve problems with fund rasing, discovering unique solutions and here we are putting these studies so far into reality.

Q1. Can you please tell us about Raifeido DAO in detail?

Raifeido DAO is a community driven fundraising platform for blockchain projects of all forms on the Binance Smartchain. The idea was born out of the fact that Venture Capitalists usually have early access to sales of promising blockchain project and they decide the direction and future of such projects because they possess a major share of it.

Raifeido DAO also known as RDAO is developing a solution for this big issue by ensuring that both small & large unconnected investors get early access to these promising projects in a decentralized manner. We also plan to provide marketing, technical and strategic supports for projects planning to launch on our platform as we become their stepping stone to the much greatness the blockchain space has to offer.

Q2. Please tell us the biggest milestone you have ever achieved and also your future milestone?

We’ve achieved quite a lot of milestone, let’s break it down to these

1.) We just revamped our website to v2.1 which also includes our Dex with an amazing user interface using the same Binance Yellow theme; our developers ensured it has both Classic and Pro options for both experienced & non- experienced users. This full version will be deployed in the coming week.

2.) We are the very first platform to create a trustless Dutch auction token sale method on Binance Smartchain.

3.) We launched a mega airdrop which saw a large amount of members trooping into our platform.

4.) We’re on the verge of completing a mind blowing partnership with a reputable project. We urge you to be on the look out 😊

Q3. Do you guys have a roadmap if not what are some other ideas you have for the future, where can people find them?

In future, we have these missions lined up to accomplish

Launch of v2.0.1

We plan to integrate a Dex where projects that completes their sales on our platform can get listed on immediately. We plan to make our listing policy flexible so it can be favorable for both project owners and investors.

Launch of NFT sale platform & market: By encouraging trading of NFTs using an incentivized approach, Raifeido Nfts Market can connect user communities and collectors of NFTs with creative who create NFT content. The aim is to use that bridge to build cross-functional value for all parties.

Governance: We aim to create a Governance sytem with all decentralized voting system for users to decide on which project can kick start their token sale automatically once the voting threshold is reached all without any intermediaries.

Q4. Could you tell us about the tokenomics?

Here is the tokenomics for RDAO as available on the website Development 10%

Team 7%

Legal 5%

Marketing 20%

Public sale 2%

Governance & Staking 40%

Private Sale 1%

Let’s break it down

Development allocation will be used to build RDAO DEX and enhance the platform UI and also create the NFT market we have in the long term

Team tokens will be locked for 12months and will be released linearly. Wallet address holding the team allocation is always public and can be verified by anyone

Marketing will be used to promotions, as such we will be making use of every ad platform and we’ll also reach out to influencers to join make RDAO global.

Public Sale: We allocated 2% of the total supply for the public sale to create an initial market cap, we will be launching the public sale this new week and it will be available for limited amount of participants. Please be on the lookout for more information regarding this.

Governance & Staking: We aim to create and implement our Governance system with a decentralized voting system for users to decide on which project can kick start their token sale automatically once the voting threshold is reached all without any intermediaries. We would also pay staking rewards from this allocation.

Private Sale: We had an exclusive private sale with a reputable firm and individuals, we allocated just a percent of the total supply for this to avoid future market implications. Private Sale participants are binded with a 1 year vesting period.

When will the public sale and private sale take place? can you tell the community

Public sale is coming up this new week, information will be provided via our official channels. We urge everyone to be on the look out and not purchase from or listen to anyone claiming to be from RDAO.

Q5. What makes Raifeido DAO better then its competitors?

Our competitors make use of lottery & whitelist mechanism for their token sale which makes potential investors miss out on several amazing projects. We at Raifeido DAO aim to go against this by making use of three mechanism for all sales on our platform. The mechanism include FCFS, Dutch Auction Model & RHRS.

Here’s a brief breakdown of these methods.

First Come First Serve mechanism is reserved for participant who are able to arrive and purchase early enough till total tokens in the pool gets exhausted. We understand that participants may miss out on token purchase with this method hence the release of the other mechanism.

RDAO Hodl Rank System is a tier system that determines how much tokens can be allocated to each participant from the portion of RDAO tokens held. Tier system structure will be released in the coming week, be on the lookout.

Dutch Auction is an optimum price discovery mechanism in which RDAO team starts with the highest asking price and gradually reduces it till buyers purchases the entire tokens in the pool.

With all of these mechanisms in place, we believe there’ll be an even distribution of tokens to all investors.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to XAEA12 Inheritance team

Q1. from Telegram username @LailiMojnu

Are you mainly looking for bigger investors or is your platform friendly also for the smaller investors?

RDAO is made available for every eligible users in crypto friendly countries, our system is always available for both bigger investors and smaller investors to fairly participate in potential launched project.

Q2. from Telegram username @Frankq5

What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?In future,Do you have any burn/buy-back program?

Thank you for the question

We’ve created mechanisms that will drive demand for RDAO tokens both in short and long term. Mechanisms such as our Tier System, staking and Governance . It should also be noted that all token sale activities to be done on our platform requires RDAO tokens both by project owners and participants. We will also implement a monthly buyback and communicate the progress via our official channels.

Q3. from Telegram username @feranno

How do you ensure that curable user assets and data are safe and secure?

Thank you for the question.

At RDAO, we implement the best security practices. We also work in a decentralized manner. We hold no user details and users have full custody of their funds except for those that are willing to participate in the staking program which operates on the smart contract.

Q4. from Telegram username @Edooooooooi

We all know that there are many problems with the Ethereum network: scalability issues, high gas costs, slow speeds, etc. So, why did you choose to build a token on the ERC-20 blockchain ecosystem? Why not build it on some scalable blockchain?

Please understand that RDAO operates on Binance Smartchain and not Ethereum Blockchain. We chose Smartchain because it possesses fast transaction speed, and operates at a low fee.

Q5. from Telegram username @alisacrypto

Can I stake Your Token?
What are your Staking criterias ?

Yes please, staking function will be available. Infact, participants in upcoming tokens sales using the RHRS mechanism are required to stake their RDAO tokens in proportion to their preferred Tier level.

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

I urge everyone to stay safe and becareful of who ever comes to them under the guise of being a RDAO team member. We’ve been receiving reports of scam group popping up. Our sale has not started. We will definitely communicate this via our channels at the right time. RDAO has a lot to offer and we hope you enjoy the ride with us.

Raifeido DAO Token

- Development 10% — — — — — 29,000,000 RDAO

- Team 7% — — — — — — 20,300,000 RDAO

- Legal 5% — — — — — 14,500,000 RDAO

- Marketing 20% — — — — — — 58,000,000 RDAO

- Public sale 2% — — — — 5,800,000 RDAO

- Governance & Staking 40% — — — — 116,000,000 RDAO

- Private Sale 1% — — — 2,900,000 RDAO

- Reserve 15% — — — — 43,500,000 RDAO

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