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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 25th of April 2021, at 11:00 PM UTC (06:00 WIB), we just successfully hosted our 27th AMA with Safe Development. With our guest from the Safe Development team:

  • Chris, Safe Development Developer

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

Can you introduce yourself and your team please? We want to get to know you and your team. What you did before crypto, and how you got into crypto?

Hey Guys my name is Chris and I am from Germany. I found my love for computer science when I spend a year in America for studies in 2010. When I came back to Germany I did a bachelor's in mechanical engineering and started my own company building 3D printers. When I then stumbled upon bitcoin in the year 2016 I got hooked immediately.
I dived deep into the technical aspects of crypto and to understand everything better I did a master's in computer science. 2018, as everyone who was around back then remembers, were rather rough times for crypto. But I have used that time to build a network and learn solid programming. During that time I met the Dapp developer and another solidity developer with whom I started this project.

Q1. Can you briefly introduce SAVE DEVELOPMENT to our community? And how is the story behind the SAVE DEVELOPMENT creation?

So first of its Safe Development 😉

We were thinking intensively about how to get a foot into the smart contract and Dapp while also contributing to the community. When we saw the craze around BNB tokens and pancake swap coming up we stuck our heads together and came up with a great idea about how to implement a gamification and reward holder mechanism which we are about to use for the Safe Development project.

At Safe development, we are creating an engagement fund that will reward participation on our token. This could be i.e. holding the token or doing small tasks for the community.

Q2. What is so exciting about SAVE DEVELOPMENT, which might make SAVE DEVELOPMENT different from all other projects out there?

We think SafeMoon did a great job with implementing a way to reward holding and expanding the liquidity which supports the base price of the project. We are now taking this to the next level. By adding on to their tokenomics we incentivize people to hold, buy and participate with our token even more. Also, we are implementing a gamification factor where people just by holding are able to receive big amounts of BNB if they get lucky. We don’t think any other project out there has a way to create value for long-term investors the way we are planning to do it.

Q3. Please provide some information about your Roadmap, How SAVE DEVELOPMENT is progressing so far? And what SAVE DEVELOPMENT is currently focused on?

We are still right at the start of our mission. We were supposed to have our pre-sale today but sadly some difficulties came up. So this is still the next milestone we are heading for. After that, we of course do the usual listing and marketing things but for us, that's not worth mentioning in a roadmap. What we are focused on after gathering funds and get our token out there is the development of the engagement fund.

Q4. What are profitable / revenue-generating ways to sustain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it be mutually beneficial for both the investor and your project?

The first phase of development is funded through the BNB we collect during our presale. As soon as the engagement fund is launched a cut of 0.5% tx fees will be forwarded into a dev wallet which will be used to fund the project after the initial phase. We also have planned a third phase which will bring utility to the token that generates revenue and form then on fund development and reward community further.

Q5. What is the special of $SAVEDEV platform compare to the other platform? And how the system works?

What makes SafeDevelopment special is the engagement fund:

It will collect a percentage of the txn fees in BNB and is designed to reward holders and community members. For example:

Rewarding diamond hands
• Fund will pay out diamond hands who are long-term holders, a higher reward in the payout based on the longer you hold. Incentivising supply stability and price growth.
• Rewards for presale holders that stay for the long term.

Rewarding new holders
• New entrant rewards, those buying and holding the most in a day will be rewarded.

Rewarding active traders
• The fund is added to by the trading fees, we will also give incentives on trading by rewarding the trader of the day.

Rewarding community participation
• Every community needs valuable members who participate, answer questions to newcomers, spread the word, and support the project with input and feedback. We will have a pool where we will payout 5 people a day who contribute something valuable.
• We will implement an invitation system that tracks your invites and rewards top shillers.
• We will create daily tasks, little things we need taken care of, and reward the people who deliver for the community.

Questions asked on Twitter for Safe Development team

Q1 From Twitter username @Geri26221330

Can you list 1–3 of the deadly features of your Project that make it stand out from its competitors? What competitive advantage does your platform have that makes you feel the most confident in yourself?

1. Ongoing development
2. Commitment to the community
3. Creating value for long-term holders

By incentivizing people to buy and hold $SafeDev we build up a really strong community that greatly benefits from collected txn fees. That will create a network effect that scales the project exponentially.

Q2 From Twitter username @Andiadi57962861

How do you sustain your project in the future and is there a unique strategy you devised to compete with other projects?

The project development is sustained by collecting 0.5% of the txn fee which will also pay for marketing. Our strategy is to create a strong community and long-term holders with our engagement fund.

Q3 From Twitter username @edoiraw1212

How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Website | Twitter | Subreddit | Telegram

Q4 From Twitter username @FebriPr59331123

What are the uniqueness of $SAFEDEV offers other competitors of yours do not? give me 3 reasons why I should choose $SAFEDEV?

Our engagement fund makes our project unique.

  1. Ongoing development
  2. Commitment to the community
  3. Creating value for long-term holders

Q5 From Twitter username @EgaRama43591070

Where is your target market situated? Who are potential customers or clients that $SAFEDEV is focusing on? What is your marketing strategy or plan to attract more users globally, especially in communities where English isn’t spoken?

Our target market is investors who stay with the project long-term and enjoy the rewards and gamification we are bringing into this space.

Marketing wise we have a lot planned, from all kinds of influencers to partnerships with other players in the market. We are also planning on having translations into multiple languages of everything that is published.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to Safe Development team

Q1 From Telegram username @Neha678

What are your plans for Africa considering the fact that Africa is becoming one of the biggest crypto currency market?

Since one of our team members is from Africa we are looking very much forward to built up a strong community there as well and contribute to the African crypto scene. Just to give you a glimpse of how much we value the African community, we are looking forward to funding a charity that's finding solutions for the ongoing drought in many African countries.

Q2 From Telegram username @nikolas1819

Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

We are planing an initial burn of 25% of the total supply right after the Presale. We will then have some manual surprise burns for our community planned. Also, our engagement fund will have a function for our investors to vote on burning a certain % of collected tx fees for 5 days cycles so the burning adjusts as the community wishes.

Q3 From Telegram username @covid19vv

What about your team background? are dev anonymous and how many members are in your team?

The team has constantly grown over time into a very committed and diverse team of devs and marketing professionals. Devs are open for private messages, audio calls, AMA (as you can tell ;)) but we are also planning to dox ourselves once the project has gained a solid base. Currently, our team consists of 8 members.

Q4 From Telegram username @Edooooooooi

To survive in tough crypto market conditions is difficult, and we see that many projects are far from the targets. What is $SAFEDEV for surviving in this long blockchain marathon?

We think the hardest time is to get through the bear market as we have experienced that before. Since we are aware of what to expect we’re taking measures to prepare for it and get through it. Also, Safe Development is all about keeping on developing and bringing new features to our community. By spotting new trends and develop into new niches we think we are gonna be able to survive the long blockchain marathon.

Q5 From Telegram username @ekohadisaputro2002

As we know, many projects do not last long and then collapse because they are left behind by investors. What is your strategy to make the project better than other projects in the same direction at this time? So that it remains attractive to investors?

By paying out BNB dividends to our investors every holder of $SAFEDEV will greatly be rewarded. We think that continuous appreciation through filling everyone's pockets will create a great attraction that binds investors permanently. Would you leave a project where you are in a profit and still get continuous rewards?

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

Yes, we really appreciate that everyone took the time to get to know us and our project. We are really thankful that we could be here too and hope to see some of your lovely community members be part of Safe Development.😊



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