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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 6th of July, at 03:00 PM UTC (22:00 WIB). we just successfully hosted our 67th AMA with Subme, With our guest from the Subme team:

  • Michał Dziopak, Community Supervisor/AMA Manager

Many of you might have participated or many of you not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

Okey, Before I start the first session can you introduce yourself to our community?

My name is Michał Dziopak and I am a community supervisor/AMA manager in $Subme and also one of the team members in charge of relations between Subme and Southeast-Asian markets. I have years of experience in customer service, sales, negotiations, management, apart from being a member of Subme I keep running my own company. You could call me a handyman :)

Well, that’s all about me.

Q1. Can you introduce Subme to our community? and where did Subme come from?

Okay. So the whole idea of Subme is to create an all-in-one subscription app that will save you time, effort, and money. I will try to describe to you how we want to achieve it.

Subme is a subscription app that aims to change the way we are subscribing to/buying physical goods and services. With our app, you will be able to subscribe to the way of getting your favorite drinks or superfoods on a monthly/weekly/daily basis (you are the boss, you choose the time interval). Though we are not limited only to drinks or food. Literally, you can subscribe to any kind of physical goods that are available for you to order online.

While ordering more than one product, you will create a subscription basket of products, that will be delivered at once to your home. With Subme you will be able to subscribe not only to physical goods but also to many kinds of services e.g. let’s take for instance a streaming industry — places where you can watch movies, episodes of your favorite series, e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, or HBO GO.

And all of them you could just manage in one place!

You can also use our app to pay for your holidays in a few installments or all in advance. You can get our app to help you in donating to charity organizations on a monthly basis. Due to cooperation with Bitcan (one of the biggest fiat to crypto ramp in Central Europe), we will provide to our users subscriptions with crypto and without KYC. You can also use our app as an investment tool for cryptocurrencies as well. That part about crypto is just an addition to our app, but it's worth noting.

In other words, the uses of our app will be unlimited. You will be able to use it to subscribe to anything you want to in one place instead of getting all those things on multiple websites.

Our project is based in Poland and from here it originated in the first quarter of this year.

Q2. Can you share the strengths of Subme that make Subme stand out?

  1. A wholesome approach to the subscription industry.
  2. The convenience of our app, cashback (up to 2,5 % after each transaction).
  3. Staking program for our hodlers, with even 40 % annually as going on now.
  4. And very important, since our token is a utility-based token. Our token is based on the value of real goods and services and the market range of our services and with more users using our app the demand for it will keep growing while at the same time we will be burning our tokens ensuring the growth value of our token.
  5. No fees taken from subscribers (customers), possibility to use our app as an investment tool.
  6. Possibility and ultimate goal for our project to become a worldwide project

There are more strengths and advantages coming from our project, but those are the most important ones.

Q3. I see that the Subme has its own token which is $SUB. will this $SUB token be registered later in another exchange?

Yes, those are one of our main target goals in the near future. We will register our token and there will be listings e.g. on Pancakeswap and some CEX listings.

Q4. Can you share the latest developments and further plans of Subme?

Right now we are at the end of the Token Sales Path. Our project was established at the beginning of this year (2021). So far we’ve been able to collect from sales within a short time (few weeks) over 1.800.000 $ dollars on our own and also established a steadily growing and active community. We have many groups on Telegram, WeChatAfter all around the world. We are widely present on social media such as Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram.

The development of our app is going well and we will release it as planned in this, third quarter of 2021st. After our last presale, Public Sale 2, we will enter listings. In the third quarter we will release our app and platform which will become available in several markets around the world. Over time we will reach out to more markets and so we will widen our presence in the subscription world. Ultimately we will cover the whole world with our services. We will also enter CEX listings in the third quarter. We will also have the integration of Bitcan/Ari10, Metamask, Coinpaprika expansions.

And coverage of basic industries such as food, superfoods, beverages, health fitness, in 4th quarter we will cover books, audiobooks, cosmetics, and other branches and services.

We will introduce influencers baskets and we will even establish fulfillment centers (in 2022) first in Europe, later all around the world.

We want our app and platform to become parts of people’s everyday lives, an important part of their lives.

Q5. As Head of Community, can you tell us what’s the role that community plays in Subme, and how do you plan on developing it?

Sure. Community plays many crucial roles in our project. First of all, community members are the backbone of our project.

Without them, we wouldn’t be here developing our app and soon releasing it. Then, thanks to you we can increase the awareness of others and our projects become more recognizable around the world.

And you always support us, which we value and appreciate much.

Speaking of, you may visit our website:

there is the last presale going on (85 % sold out) before the listings. You may join it up, invest in $SUB (click on buy now)and after the listing, you will get tokens with a higher value + additional tokens from staking.

And you may also join up our telegram community to know what's going on around the project or if you have any questions you can ask us. We will be happy to help you out.

The link to chat is here:

We plan to develop our community by being more visible and present in more social media around the world so that you can actually see us and join the revolution! Secondly, by showing you our working app. It will be out in 2–3 months.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to Subme team

Q1 From Twitter username @Mayaraa000

A question about the $SUB token, the adoption of the token into the ecosystem is one good thing to increase its usability and spending, so what is the role of the $SUB token for the ecosystem? What are the long-term benefits of holders of $SUB tokens?

Let’s roll!

When it comes to the role of our token for the ecosystem so Subme Cash is a BEP-20 token fueling the economy of the project. 5% of the project fees (Subme revenue) is going to be used to buy $SUB tokens from the market just to get them burned. The total supply of our tokens is 880.000.000.

In the long term, we are planning to buy back and burn 44 % of the supplied tokens. We do have a very good staking program for our hodlers. Right now, if you invest in our project you may gain up to 40 % annually more tokens, beginning since the day you bought our tokens. And due to the nature of our token, being it the utility token, which is based on the value of real goods and services and the market range of our services and with more users using our app so the value of the token will keep rising up.

Q2 From Twitter username @Debby9900

Subme users don’t have to remember about buying consumable products every month, making appointments for recurring services. Does $Subme offer discounts or cash back rewards to their regular users?

We do. We will negotiate better deals on behalf of customers and we will also grant them cashback (up to 2,5 %) after each transaction.

Q3 From Twitter username @MdFaruk114

Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

  1. A wholesome approach to the subscription industry.
  2. Strong, utility-based token.
  3. Incentives programs such as cashback and staking program.

Again, point 1. I believe, that our app will one day become an app that is present in our everyday lives like Google or Amazon and so our app will have an influence on the lives of all of us.

And $SUB token.

We will fly with it to the other side of the moon!

Q4 From Twitter username @selaadeeliaa

Many investors just focuses on the price of tokens in short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors in long term?


1st. Staking program. By hodling our tokens they gain more and we keep rewarding them for hodling.
2nd, with time the value of our token due to developing a range of services of $SUBME app & platform will increase because the demand will rise for SUBs that are used during transactions and we do have a burning program that will reduce the number of tokens in circulation.

And once again. If you invest now you may get a very nice profit in the short/mid/long term. You can buy our tokens on our website after clicking on the “Buy Now” button.

Q5 From Twitter username @EgaRama43591070

Exactly which strategy does Subme use to prevent your token from suffering inflation? How do you prevent the loss of value of your currency?

Simple, we have a burning program and with it, we will burn 44 % of all tokens in circulation. Apart from it, the worth of our tokens will increase at the same time with the increase of the range of our services and their utility properties.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to Subme team

Q1 From Telegram username @Drak727

What are your community growth plans? do you have other communities apart from English?

We do have many other communities, I can send you some links to our communities on Telegram:
1. Polish community
2. Japanese:
3. Swedish:
4. Vietnamese:

And there are more of them.

And when it comes to plans, so we want to focus on their growth, on listening to the needs of our users and their queries.

Through being more visible on social media such as Telegram here, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

Q2 From Telegram username @Ahamed333

Can you explain to us how to purchase your token? Will you have a private sale and public sale events?

You can buy even right now. Just enter, click on “Buy now!” proceed to purchase, and voila! We recommend though you make your payment with metamask.

Q3 From Telegram username @hzusbe

What about the burn plan?

44 % of the total number of tokens in circulation, buying them back with 5 % of company revenues.

Q4 From Telegram username @luckyboy0305

What is the next big step for your project?

Release of our app and platform on several markets and listings on DEX and CEX.

Q5 From Telegram username @mekhiiy

What are the tasks that stakers must perform on the Subme platform?

If you mean by being our stakers/hodlers so just keep our tokens instead of shortly after buying them just spending. Time works for them. We will reward them with more tokens over time.

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

Sure, actually not really an opinion, but I would like to write few words.

First of all, thank you guys for welcoming Subme project on the Daily Crypto group.
It's been a pleasure to be here today with you.

We all believe in our project, especially in the long-term perspective of becoming a project present around the whole world.

You may support us either through participating in the last presale or if you are afraid, then simply by becoming our community members.

Here are some important links of Subme




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