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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 31st May 2021, at 03:00 PM UTC (22:00 WIB). We just successfully hosted our 51st AMA with The Good Coin, with our guest from The Good Coin team:

Many of you might have participated or many of not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

Before we go any further, please introduce yourself, your background and your roles within The Good Coin?

For sure!

So I’m the Dev of the Goodcoin, I minted and created it, but because we’re BSCs first Puzzle token, it’s kind of hard to say that I truly “made” it, all the tokenomics were voted on completely by the community! I’m taking head-on all marketing, social media, and posts, and whenever a decision needs to be made, we vote on the telegram! It’s a pretty awesome process.

I’ve been in crypto for 9+ Years now. First bought bitcoin back when it was 74$, and have watched countless scams pull money away from people who deserve to make more of it. I just wanted to release The Good Coin to give everyone a chance to really, really have some confidence in a coin, for once!

And the results have been amazing! Our community has grown so incredibly strong, I’d trust some of these members with my seed phrase, lol.

Q1. Could you please give us an overview of The Good Coin?

The Good Coin is BSCs Very First Puzzle Token, meaning that every single aspect of the coin has been voted on by the community. Everything, the tokenomics, the presale, the wallets, and locks, it was all decided on by our telegram to build the strongest, and most secure coin possible. What the community decided to make is essentially a super self-stabilizing, and amazingly redistributionary coin! That’s a very basic rundown of the coin.

Q2. How was the idea to create this project born? It is very interesting. What do you want to achieve? What are your expectations?

Haha well I cant wait to get into this one!

I wish we could all see each other, cause I’d say “raise your hand if you’ve been rugged” and everyone in here would raise their hand. Scams are TOO COMMON, and what that ends up creating is an almost “Acceptance of the fact that coins will be bad”. I’ve seen people say “well it’s a 60% Liq lock, but at least the redistribution is high” for some coins, but that’s not how it should be! the developer should listen to EXACTLY what YOU want, and nothing else. I created this coin so we could show how well this idea can do, and forever change what “transparency” is, cause when someone asks me in chat to prove something, I prove it in a flash. We’re here to shake things up, and disrupt the scammers by revealing what a GOOD COIN really is.

Q3. Can you give an overview of $GOOD Token tokenomics?


So like I said, everything was -completely- voted on by the community, everything is still even pinned in the chat if you want to go back and see the polls and whatnot! The results showed that the community is tired of these stupidly obvious scams with unrewarding numbers, and wants a coin that adds a HIGH percentage to locked LIQ, as well as highly redistributionary. Currently, it’s 7% to liq, 7% to redistribution, so the telegram essentially created a super-stable, super-passive-income coin that actually has the professionalism and branding it takes to get on major exchanges.

So even holding a small stake in $GOOD will benefit you! We’re so glad the community chose 7%, it created an amazingly unique coin, that can stand up against the oh-so-common market volatility, with the amount of liquidity it's building.

Q4. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results from $GOOD has achieved so far? And any sneak-peek into 2021 plans for The Good Coin?

Most definitely, by Tomorrow, we expect to have an extra 55% in member growth (just how our numbers have been increasing) so we’ll be voting on the official roadmap, and what exchanges we first want to target. The Good Coin was built on transparency and will always continue to do so. Specifically, we have already worked with 4 different professional marketing agencies, have a TikTok released posted by a user with 111 thousand Members with multiple more coming today, and Poocoin ads are ALREADY paid for, so we’re just hitting the ground running. The Point of the Good Coin is to do everything right by you all, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

And sure!

Very soon, we expect the Big Coin to have a great amount of Liquidity, which will continue to stabilize the price even more and more! We are going to be using this time to really generate momentum for the coin to build up the price so that when our LIQ is massive, even a whale selling won't affect the chart.

DONE but I still have more to say XD

I just love this coin and this community. it means a lot, and I know for a fact, we’re going to change the DeFI Space.

Questions asked on Twitter for The Good Coin team

Q1 From Twitter username @Harrype007

Market volatility is a very serious problem. Now, could you give a brief explanation about the limitations caused by this? What methods are you going to apply to reduce this to the minimum?

Market volatility is the Good Coin’s Bread and butter, and I Mean that. With the auto-liquidity being set to 7%, we will very, very quickly build a “phalanx” shield barricade around ourselves if you will, lol. More buying and selling, either way, helps us. LIQ Goes up either way, and we intend on pushing the price as far as it will go, while at the same time, making the coin harder to drop low. Pretty crazy when you think about it like that, it’s almost like cheating, lol.

IF you’re throwing money into Coins that are just thrown together to make a few x’s, you need to start looking into the real gems that are hidden. We had 120 members a day and a half ago. Today? 1200, to beat market volatility, you need numbers, and you need investors.

Q2 From Twitter username @Lidiamga

Many of investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to long term?

Of course, A huge reason as to why many should hold is because The Good Coin has the previously mentioned 7% Auto Liq Rate! Right now is literally the best time to buy because of that, and let you be comfortable to just let it rest, knowing the redistribution is just growing each day and making it more and more stable. Also, we’re NOT going to stop working on this, we’ll be here always, and we know at some point, it’s gonna pop again.

Q3 From Twitter username @RandyNava21

How important do you consider the community in the success of this project, what marketing skills are you using to build a strong community and audience, is there any AMBASSADOR program?

The community is almost the entire battle! We on the Team side are of course busting away with Marketing, promotions, shilling, but at the end of the day, We NEED a devoted community!

We are currently working with a few Social Media managers to completely redo our socials as well!

Q4 From Twitter username @RandyNava21

From where you get the project name? What does it mean to you? And why you choose this name for your project? What is your mission and vision to build this project? What do you want to achieve Through your project in future?

We choose this name because it’s the most honest one we could think of. It really is, in my opinion, one of the Only Good Coins, so I figured, why not just name it that? The Good coin. It’s professional, catchy, and have already heard from many in the market that these kinds of names carry legitimacy. Our mission is to make sure all of our investor's needs are set, and completely change the way this community looks at “transparency”, we have proven everything, continue to improve, and will be the first to disrupt the usual pattern of rug after rug.

There’s really nothing we haven’t shown for proof at all, and I hope my community will come to share how they feel once the ama is done!

It’s a great group, and with a dev that doesn’t give up, I intend on bringing us to the moon and letting the Auto-liq keep us there.

Q5 From Twitter username @Sujonsokhi33

One of the important things to maintain and develop a project is the issue of capital. So your project really has enough capital to do that? How do you currently make a profit from your project?

To be honest, I’m not making a profit from my Dev activities in any way. I invested in the presale, and have bought a ton of coins, but that’s it. the community voted that the remaining wallet should remain unlocked to be used for marketing, so that’s how it's going to stay. The Marketing wallet is sufficient, so we’ll be doing weekly votes on what parts of it should go to. I’ll make a profit by making the coin do well, and getting my presale tokens to the moon!

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to The Good Coin team

Q1 From Telegram username @Zidny_Lathifa

Recently, $GOOD tackled some of the persistent issues currently being felt by the clinical trials industry. So how $GOOD use blockchain technology to realize the future of digital healthcare and how can blockchain technology empower the traditional clinical trials industry? And has your project been completely decentralized, and will there be a risk of centralization in the future?

I think this is a great question. The thing that will take $GOOD to the next level is the massive Liquidity being added. 7% of each transaction, buy and sell, means we are going to have a massive energy shield against market volatility. THat’s one of the problems for using crypto in a mass-adopted way, the swings in price. But with the Good Coin, it’s specifically built to fight against that very thing, allowing it to be used in settings that require efficiency, and accuracy.

Q2 From Telegram username @Hasibooo

What is your project's marketing strategy? What will you do to make your project stand out against others in the crypto field and the people who come to explore your project?

Yesterday, we had an insane day of marketing, and continue to line up segment after segment of plans to keep this coin going to where we really know it can be. We released a TikTok with a group that has over 100k members, and don't intend to stop anytime soon!

Q3 From Telegram username @Aurellia12

Can you list the deadly features that put them ahead of the competition? What competitive advantage does your platform have that makes $ GOOD feel the most confidence?

Absolutely, as I say again and again, The auto Liq is going to beat out any other coin that tries to touch it. I haven’t seen a higher percentage combined with also such a high redistribution rate. We made this coin so that even people with just 10$ to invest can STILL MAKE MONEY. That’s what it’s all about, not these 1% redistribution rates that only benefit the rich, we’re here for all of you.

Q4 From Telegram username @AlexDHunter

As an investor, the recent upsurge in rug pulls & other scam-related activities have seriously lowered my confidence in investing because I don’t wanna lose my hard-earned money. How do you intend to restore the confidence level of investors? How can we trust you?

This is huge, and a major reason we’ve been so transparent in our telegram. Any question we’ve been asked, we answered. LP Locked, wallets voted on by the community, everything has been 100% clear, and each decision has been made by the community! We’re DXMint verified, with a verified rugchecker!

Q5 From Telegram username @Antonmedan13

Can you provide a statement about the role of the community? Do you think they are helpful enough for the growth of your project?

The community of The Good Coin is quite literally the strongest I have been a part of, they understand how crypto works, and that it dips and peaks, and they’re here to stay until we hit the moon. That is what makes the difference between 50$ and 50 million, having the patience to hold through.

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