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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 29th of June 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC (19:00 WIB), we just successfully hosted our 63rd AMA with TIPTOK. With our guest from the TIPTOK team:

  • Julio Qose, CEO of TIPTOK

Many of you might have participated or many of you not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

Can you introduce yourself and your team please? We want get to know you and your team. What you did before crypto, and how you got into crypto?

Sure! So as you mentioned my name is Julio Qose and I’m CEO of TipTok which aims to become the Cryptocurrency for Social Media. I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’ve been into Startups for years as a creator and angel investor. I was also the creator of FindBallon a tech start-up that was launched in 2016. I’m a lover of crypto and a large investor for a few years. Now I believe it is time for me to contribute to the community by creating something to benefit crypto users and investors 😁.

Q1. Could you please briefly introduce TipTok to let the community know? And what is the meaning of “TipTok” when naming the project?

To answer your first question. TipTok was designed to bring worldwide fans closer to content creators and to allow the most passionate fans to support creative work across social platforms such as Youtube and TikTok. So effectively content creators can add their wallet address and QR code underneath each one of their videos/posts and then fans can just copy past their address to their own wallet or scan the QR code and tip them as a reward for their creativity and efforts. Think of it as the Patreon of Crypto but across all platforms, easily integrated without the need for access to API. So this is where the Tip part of the name came from.

Now we decided to go with TipTok knowing that most of our audience will be the younger generation, youngsters who watch YouTube videos, scroll on TikTok, and check their Instagram. The majority of that market has also heard of TikTok, so this is where the social aspect of our purpose comes in. We aim to become the Cryptocurrency for Social Media, so cleverly linking ourselves with the hottest thing out there which currently is TikTok is a branding and marketing trick for spreading awareness and starting conversations 🙂.

Q2. What is your long-term vision about the industry in which TipTok is working at? The cryptocurrency industry is always thriving, what plans do you have to keep up with technology trends?

Lovely question :). We aim to be front runners in the crypto Social Media Universe since we are the first token to operate as a currency across all social platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, and more. We have the first movers advantage in this field which we believe will propel the adoption of TipTok and help us reach new heights. We also plan to work hand to hand with fans and content creators to raise awareness of our amazing utility. To accomplish all this, we are currently recruiting talented individuals and the best of the best in the developer and marketing world.

If anyone is interested in joining our team please feel free to DM me 🙂 we are always open to getting talented individuals on board. We have a very experienced team, with top-notch developers and marketers, all doxxed on our website. Our creative team also comprises 20+ individuals and 40+ members ready to market TipTok. We feel confident our team has the right skills to be able to achieve our ultimate objective, which is to become the Cryptocurrency for Social Media.

Q3. A lot of projects always talk about their strengths, while their token or coin prices always go down. As one of TipTok leaders, can you speak out about the difficulties that TipTok is facing and how long will it take to overcome them?

The difference between other tokens and TipTok is the utility. Most tokens out there are just meme or charity tokens and have no utility so right after launch they usually dump and investors lose money. The difference here is that TipTok starts its journey after launch since that is when our great utility kicks in and content creators and fans can interact. We have what we call a Viral element in our project, 1 influencer gets on board and all their fans follow.

All we need is 1 A-list celebrity/Influencer to start using TipTok as a way for fans to tip him and the rest will follow. We plan to attract big names such as Logan Paul, KSI, and MrBeast. Once we get one onboard all other content creators will follow in their footsteps since they benefit from TipTok. This will be just another source of income, creators will have Youtube Revenue, sponsorships, maybe Patreon contributions, and now also TipTok contributions with crypto. For more information on our use case please make sure to visit our website at and join our Official TG

Questions asked on Twitter for TIPTOK team

Q1 From Twitter username @Manav13181309

As you said “TipTok aims to become the Cryptocurrency for Social Media and the next $1 Billion Market Cap token” Becoming a 1 billion marketcap token is not easy. What strategy you will apply to boost the market cap and token price?

Lovely questions Manav, thanks :). That is true, reaching one billion MC is not easy but we believe we have all the elements to become viral and achieve that goal. At the end of the day, we provide a product that helps content creators. If they feel TipTok helps them financially, they utilize it and then their fans will follow In their footsteps. With each content creator coming on board thousands of fans/investors also join and dozens of others content creators get intreated and don’t want to miss out on the trend. This is about working with fans and creators in getting viral and trending. Once we achieve this the 1 Billion MC will be easily achieved.

We Also have a genius marketing idea. We will create a wallet for all A-List crypto influencers and a percentage of each transaction will also be sent to their wallet. So image Jake Paul, KSI, MrBeast, Elon Must, Snoop Dog having 0.5% of total supply and 0.5% of each transaction entering their wallet. Once this accumulates we will just have our members DMing them and commenting on their Youtube comments or on Twitter to just come and take your wallet 🙂. You just have to use TipTok and the wallet and all the transaction % is all yours. If they don’t want to join this early on, once these wallets increase in size money will speak 🙂.

Q2 From Twitter username @VVnSng13

Many incubators implement great requirements to be able to participate in the IDO, such as Whitelist, rigorous KYC, and even stake, so many users cannot participate in it, would TIPTOK implement these same requirements? or do you really prefer that many more users participate?

We will soon have our lottery whitelist Presale with Unicrypt. We partnered with a German firm for our KYC and contract Audit. The results will be soon available on our website and TG. For the presale, we want to give everyone a chance to participate and since it will be a lottery whitelist, everyone has the same chance to get a spot in the whitelist. All you will have to do is tweet about us, join our TG, and comment on some YouTube and Twitter accounts. Again for more information on our upcoming Unicrypt Presale make sure to join our TG. It will be announced soon and we expect it to blow up within minutes.

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to TIPTOK team

Q1 From Telegram username @Ndjfijdk

Good day, @JulioQose10. Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How did Your project prevent early investors from selling their tokens, and what benefits you would give them?

Hi Bonus, I wish you have a great day. Well, the difference between TipTok and other tokens is our great Utility. Other tokens either have no utility since they are meme tokens or they all have the same old utility charity/staking/VPN/games and so on. TipTok offers something unique which has what we call the viral element. While most other tokens die out right after launch and never manage to reach another All time high, for TipTok the journey begins right after launch since that’s when fans and content creators can utilize our technology to interact. We strongly believe that with each influencer partnering with TipTok a new All time high in the price is imminent. When a Youtuber or TipToker joins us, then his fans will also join our project and more creators will also be intrigued by our use case.

These are some of our usecases:

Q2 From Telegram username @topind7

I am a content creator, so I want to know how I can leverage my social media platforms with the help of TipTok?

How can I turn my social media platforms into a source of income and why the name TipTok?

Hi Topind. All you have to do is copy-paste your wallet address or your wallet QR code underneath each one of your videos and posts and ask your fans to contribute. Think of this as an alternative source of income. You will have your Youtube ads, paid promotions, Patreon contributions, and now also TipTok contributions via crypto. The younger generation will love this and support your work. Once we reach Phase 2 of our roadmap, your fans will be able to use the TipTok wallet/exchange to contribute, support your work, and reward you for your creativity and efforts 😁.

Q3 From Telegram username @AlinaWirth

Could you please describe how your project plan supports NFT development? and do you have any project plans for combining NFT with DeFi?

Hi Alina and thanks for your question. TipTok will have 6 Phases which you can read on our website under the roadmap section at For Phase 4 we aim to create the TipTok NFT Marketplace. Here content creators can turn their most memorable moments of Youtube/TikTok/Instagram into an NFT and then sell them in their TipTok profile which will be their own NFT Marketplace 😁 many more fascinating technologies are coming up so make sure to stay tuned. But all will depend on Phase 1, if we enter Phase 1 with momentum and strength, we shall be able to progress to the remaining phases.

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

What an amazing community 404 Daily is. I loved this AMA and being welcomed here today. Thank you all for your lovely questions and for being here today. I hope to see more of you in our TG and possibly make some new friends 😁.



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