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Hello 404 Daily Crypto Community

On the 19th of August 2021, at 12:00 PM UTC (19:00 WIB). We just successfully hosted our 71st AMA with vEmpire. With our guest from the vEmpire team:

  • Dominic Ryder, vEmpire CEO

Many of you might have participated or many of you not, So here we are up with the AMA transcript for those who missed the AMA session.

Introduction Questions Asked By 404 Daily Crypto Team

Before we go any further, please introduce yourself, your background and your roles within vEmpire?

Absolutely, so I’m Dominic Ryder and I’m the founder & CEO of vEmpire. I started my career in traditional finance as a stockbroker and trader in London, and then moving to wealth management with St James’s Place where I joined as an associate partner.

After all of that, I spent the last four years, prior to this protocol in venture capital where I first discovered Blockchain technology.

Q1. First of all, please briefly introduce yourself and the vEmpire. What expectations does the team have on the project?

So vEmpire DDAO is, in my view, the most unique and original concept to come out of crypto this year. We are the first protocol with he stated intention of invading and conquering another.

vEmpire is the first platform to facilitate Metaverse token staking, incentivised in block rewards like a DeFi strategy. These Metaverse tokens are then used to purchase LAND in Decentraland, Sandbox etc, where we monetise that land and slowly invade the protocol. Profits in the native Metaverse token are 50% reinvested and 50% redistributed to stakers.

This means you earn both a VEMP yield and a, for example below, a yield in MANA. Alongside this we have a play to earn NFT card game and we have formed a new type of DAO, a Democratic DAO.

Q2. what do you think about the current market situation and the role of your project, the meta-universe and with-it the NFT development ? Whats your future vision?

So I started writing this whitepaper before the NFT space blew up like it did over past few months 🤯 of course this is good for us! 😆 . We have always seen the value, not in just NFTs, but in NFTs with real utility.

Our players with and who are holding out NFTs will be the most profitable in the vEmpire protocol. This is because the cards in your hand are boosted If you own the corresponding NFT. We already have our NFTs launched on Opensea for only 0.15 Ethereum!

You can also find the handbook on our website here:

Our future vision is incredibly bullish
We see even more developments utilising both our current, and future NFTs. 🔥⚔️🤩

Q3. How to obtain NFT’s and participate in the project, how will users get benefits?

So the link to purchase the NFTs are here, these are all our first editions and we have marked them as such with a vE on the bottom left. You can imagine how much one of the first 200 Axies or Cryptokitties are worth now 👀

Users will not only get all the benefits listed in the previous answer, boosted cards, more profits etc, but one of our NFT holders will solve the Emperors parchments quest, unlocking 8 million VEMP tokens. If we get to even half the size of Decentralands token, MANA, that’s $5,000,000 😱

Q4. Why is the project placed on the ETH? What are the competitive advantages of the vEmpire ?

So Ethereum is the future of the internet in our opinion, however it has its limitations until 2.0 is released with expensive gas transactions. Due to this we have already partnered with Polygon & Chainlink to build cheaper and more cost-effective solutions until 2.0 launches 💪🏻

In terms of competition, people don’t believe me when I say this which is why I encourage all of you to read the whitepaper:

There is nobody doing what vEmpire is doing. We have first-mover advantage and just look at Pokemon, people try and copy but they can never beat the original 🥳

Alongside this

By not building our own Metaverse yet, we can follow the money and follow the trends, allowing staking strategies of new and upcoming Metaverse projects for us to make our mark 💪🏻

Q5. What applications do you plan to develop in the future within the vEmpire?

So as well as building cross-chain functionality. We also want to make sure that we are constantly evolving with the future of crypto.

Eventually, we want to create our own home planet for vEmpire

Our very own Metaverse, with wearables based on rank, and loyalty rewarded to our earliest and longest users.

Anybody in our current telegram knows I always say vEmpire rewards loyalty above all, and this will be very easy to see on launch of the protocol 👀🤩

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to vEmpire team

Q1 From Twitter username @Michaeng124

At this moment, where are vEmpire alley focused right now? building and developing products or acquiring customers and users, or partnerships? Can you share it?

So the most important part of any gaming or crypto protocol is always its community. This will always be our number one main aim and focus. We of course aim to have all three runnings simultaneously. We are about to announce partnerships with both Polygon & Chainlink.

Alongside those I am in early discussions with one of the kings of the Metaverse and founder of Axie infinity as well 👌🏻 he is a big fan of vEmpire’s

We have 8 developers working at the moment but will increase this to 40 after token launch 🚀

Q2 From Twitter username @AntonSa11779415

How can I get NFT from vEmpire do I have to play the game to get it or can it be purchased in the market?

Yes so the NFTs are ready, active and available to be purchased now via Opensea, the first 100 were sold for only 0.1 Ethereum. vEmpire rewards loyalty above all, this is why we are selling them cheap atm, but with every launch the price will increase. So the earlier you are a supporter to vEmpire, the cheaper you will get your NFTs 🔥⚔️ the current NFTs are 0.15 Ethereum

Q3 From Twitter username @aprindo_ariz

What do you think about the market lately?? so many countries seem to be blocking the development of crypto. How can vEmpire build user trust again? and will you be able to control the price later?

So laws and regulations are not something any cryptocurrency can control. However, VEMP and the vEmpire protocol is the front line in the fight against centralization! We will not be forced into submission by any centralized entity.

Anybody tries to make vEmpire shut down, their letters will be 🧻🚽😆 to read more about our fight against centralization see my medium article here 💪🏻

Q4 From Twitter username @TimSukses31

Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

Again, I encourage everybody to read our whitepaper as it will prove this to be true. There is nobody doing what vEmpire is doing, allowing staking of Metaverse tokens, paying a yield in VEMP plus their native token. Whilst also having alongside that a purpose of fighting centralization whilst allowing its user to play to earn with their NFT card game.

We have a concept which in our opinion. Will make waves amongst the Metaverse, we are the next protocol that everybody will be attempting to recreate 🔥🔥

Q5 From Twitter username @BagusIra86

What basically makes vEmpire different from other same Cryptocurrencies and especially from the shitcoins?

God I hate shitcoins almost as much as I hate centralised finance 🤬

If I have to see another food based swap, animal token or baby bullshit I’m going to scream 😱

vEmpire’s role is to highlight all the greed and everything that I saw in my time in the financial industry, greed, corruption, get rich quick, which I now see polluting the decentralized world. vEmpire is an enemy of shitcoins.

We are unique. We are new. Plus we are exciting, this token not only has utility but it is also a movement 🔥

Questions asked by our 404 Daily Crypto community members during live Session to vEmpire team

Q1 From Telegram username @hoavinh1234

IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell?

As we are not just listing on a DEX we are also listing on MEXC Global which is in the top 20 exchanges in the world, we have a market maker in place who’s role is to protect from any massive downward daily price spikes.

Q2 From Telegram username @sethklevin

  1. the first ever protocol to allow Metaverse token staking
  2. the first ever protocol which will have multiple pools holding massive amounts of assets in all these separate protocols
  3. play to earn, the more time you spend on our game the more you could make
  4. collectible NFTs with real utility that you can buy now for cheap
  5. a brand new form of DAO a Democratic DAO where a 10K users vote is equal to a million dollar users vote
  6. a system that rewards loyalty above all

Q3 From Telegram username @butnuf34

Where do I get information about your team? Why do you prefer to be anonymous? Do you have a plan to identify your team later?

We are not anonymous! You can find us all in our website here!

Alongside this, we have been fully KYCd by and our token was minted through Unicrypt ensuring no bugs!

Q4 From Telegram username @kingdom59

Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

So we have partnered with LINK earlier today, this announcement will come from them within 14 days.

Alongside this, Christopher Hui who is head of Polygon China is an investor and partner of vEmpire.

We also have partnerships ongoing with multiple parties with more billion-dollar tokens 🤩

Q5 From Telegram username @waya112

Investors are afraid to invest in a new project because of so many rug pull and exit scam. How can you sure that there will be no chance of scam and I will be procurable?

So as well as the KYC and token minting is shown in this graph here, we also have over 95% of our token also locked on Unicrypt, so you are protected from both hacks, rug pulls, and exploits 👌🏻

Alongside this. All smart contracts will have multiple independent audits before launching onto the main net 🥳

Closing words from our guest to 404 Daily Crypto Community

Thanks so much, mind if I forward our FAQ here?

[Forwarded from vEmpire Announcements]
FAQ for vEmpire’s $VEMP token 🔥⚔️🔥⚔️ Listing on MEXC Global — Top 20 CEX

Token Launch: 31st August 2021

Where can I get involved in the pre sale?

Or top 20 CEX MEXC Global

How will VEMP be used in the protocol?

To reward & incentivise Metaverse token staking onto the platform & to reward game winners 🔥👌🏻

Why did you create vEmpire?

How can I earn 1% of VEMPs total supply? 🤯

Where can I get the NFTs?

Where can I post my secondary sale NFTs?

How much will 1% of VEMP be worth if vEmpire gets to the size of MANA? $10,000,000 😱

Where can I see or add my clue? (

Hope to see you all at the launch on Unicrypt!

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